Independently owned and operated, AHA Staffing started modestly as one office and has now expanded to 10 branches to better serve our clients.

Since 1999, we have helped our clients manage fluctuating workforces with temporary staffing solutions and find the perfect employees for permanent positions. All of our staffing representatives are trained in the AHA Staffing Quality System (SQS). This ensures quality service across all branches and drives a commitment to training from all our employees.

AHA Staffing is a member of People 2.0 and uses its award-winning staffing software, Stafftrak. This software allows us to customize our service to each and every client. Stafftrak organizes everything from payroll processing, government reporting, and invoicing to housing a full recruitment database and attendance tracking. Our sole focus is providing our clients with efficient service that is well-managed, organized, and proficient—Stafftrak helps us excel at this.

Our clients and candidates trust AHA Staffing Solutions to help eliminate staffing problems and simplify the hiring process. Find out how we can help you by contacting us today!

Submitting your resume to a staffing agency can give you access to many potential jobs.You also get to choose the type of jobs you would be open to accepting, which include:


You work for a specific duration and you’re an agency employee, which means that you are paid directly by us and not the company where you are completing your assignment.

Temporary-to-permanent (temp-to-perm)

You start working with our client (the organization) on a temporary basis, and eventually, you may have the opportunity to become a permanent employee with our client.


You undergo the screening and hiring process with the staffing agency and if selected, you are then hired directly by the company.